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P R O T O C O L   T O   L E A V E   E A R T H  3 0 4 7

Dome protocol to leave Earth.jpg

INSTALLATION: 2 chairs under a dome.


PERFORMANCE: registration in the EH240877 official data base.

After a one to one interogation led by Ann Grim in the dome with the viewer,

s/he will be registered in the EH240877 official data base,

giving them an intergalactical full access for eternity.


VIRTUAL REALITY EXTRACT: Steping into an other world.

e _ VR Ann Grim_Porte VR_Leaving Gaia2 -

Whilst walking under an arch, the environnent crumbles.

The only thing left standing is the arch allowing the viewer to be in or out of the cosmos.

An installation, a performance, a Virtual reality extract.

21.02.2019 - 21.05.2019

Oaxaca Contemporary Art Museum


I work and reflect on the future of human kind through the problematics of rising waters,

space migration, augmented humanity and artificial intelligence.

I have developed the VR around a vision of socio-economic issues

such as rising waters, migration fluxes and space exploration.

After being kitted with the VR gear, the viewer will find him/herself in a world that first resembles the one s/he has just left but will soon be immersed in a submerged city. The virtual scenario starts in a dome, the door closes, water appears and rises to the point where the walls collapse under the pressure.

The viewer finds him/herself in a submerged city where sharks are roaming freely; the viewer can then choose to ride one of them to swim around or take off (zoom out) giving him/her an endless perspective of our blue planet and a vision of outer space.


Intergalactic access authorisation to be registered Live for 2h
> Thursday 21st February, 7 pm - 9 pm

Oaxaca Contemporary Art Museum, Mexico
For 2 Hours on 21st February 2019, 7-9 PM.
and every other half day for the following week.

To coincide with Empire II at Oaxaca Contemporary Art Museum, Mexico, will remain open for 2 hours on 21st February 2019 for the visitors to take part of the performance PROTOCOL TO LEAVE EARTH 3047 and to be registered at the intergalactic access pass installation.

Between 7pm to 9 pm on Thursday 21st February 2019, visitors can be registered with an access pass.
Those wishing to acquire an access pass will be asked 6 questions and if accepted will be photographed and entered into the official EH240877 intergalactic permanent database. The viewer will then be invited to virtually travel outer space with a Virtual Reality (VR) Gear.
Following this 2-hour period, PROTOCOL TO LEAVE EARTH 3047 performance/installation will remain on view at the Oaxaca Contemporary Art Museum, Mexico until the 23rd of May, but closed for the registration, only the VR artwork will be open on specific days and time (tbc).

A cultural section through the infinitely large and the infinitely small, the viewer is projected in 3047 facing a migratory crisis on Earth and the space conquest well advanced.
This performance/installation explores the links between place, belonging, happiness, hopes and the perception of the future. The final result challenges the paths of migration in space and beyond.

How happy are we with the place where we are?
What do we expect from the future and what does our opinion of the future say about our current position?

An installation challenging the notion of global citizenship looking towards intergalactic migration.
“It is now, that we should explore the path of the migration in space and beyond."

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