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WATERLOO FESTIVAL Transforming Minds

NOTHING ENDURES BUT CHANGE (Heraclitus) with The London Group and Friends
7-23 June 2018
St John’s Churchyard, Waterloo, SE1 8TY Curated by Susan Haire

Music Director Euchar



Description of the installation:

Navy blue carpet floor, 6 eggs (1.2 meter hight), 6 tags (3 months exutero gestation / 8 months exutero gestation/), stairs + platform 1.2 meter hight, 1 half circular fabric back drop with the following inscriptions: ARCHIVE

(Navy blue painting, welding torch and fire extinguishers will be ready on set to be used during the performance)

13,2 x 3,25 x 3,7 meters

Description of the 8 to 10 minutes art performance:

Plan 1 _ I will be lying on the back on the platform.
Plan 2 _ I will rise up. Standing on the platform back to the public
Plan 3 _ slowly tuning towards the public, slowly passing my hands on my « pregnant » belly _ 30 s
Plan 4 _ Slowly going down the stairs _ 40 s
Plan 5 _ Slowly walking along the eggs I will gently poor some black painting on them. _ 3 mn
Plan 6 _ I will go back up the stairs, slowly take off my white cape
Plan 8 _ I will get the welding torch on the floor and aggressively set the words on fire, _ 3 mn
Plan 9 _ and leave the set up through the fire (off the platform) _ 15 s
Plan 10 _ The fabric will burn until there is no more
Plan 11_ I ll be walking away arms up indicating the victory sign _ 1 mn

Why this performance?
This artwork questions the future of the human capacity to survive. Reproduction within the human race and the evolution of the augmented human kind towards the accessibility of eternity.

Diffusion in the church
A monitor with the performance will be on for the duration of the festival.

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