is a virtual reality artwork

of a dream in space and beyond

The user will be projected into a fiction of anticipation, revelling possible futures.

A first extract has been show in Oaxaca Contemporary Art Museum.

The full project, led since 2016, invits the user to ride an Xray shark trough a submerged citiy, witnessing traces of a past civilisation.

S/He can lead its shark towards a journey  into a fictional cosmos passing by all sorts of different space ships, interactive asteroids fields, planets, dreamed environments and evolved livings mixing futuristic and historical dimensions.

S/He will be free to evolve where ever s/he wants in Ann Grim's 3D animated dream and beyond...


Where no bounderies stands, allowing humans to take some distance from their position on Earth, contemplate and possibly redefine their role and future in Space.

Curtesy Matthieu Vovan (3D and VR production and collaboration) 

—  Ann Grim, Preparatory studies

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